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Perma Soft Denture Reline Kit is a long-lasting reline kit!  Lasts up 2 years per customer testimonials!


Custom-fit denture reline kit for loose dentures!




Warning: Although Perma Soft lasts up to 2 years, the FDA advisies consumers to consider this as temporary solution until dentist can be seen and to keep regular dental appointments.




Allergies:  Contains methacrylates.  Do not use if sensitive or allergic to methacrylates.


Perma Soft denture reline kit has been making dentures fit since 1986.  One application lasts up two years.


Who should us Perma Soft Denture Reline Kit?


Anyone with loose dentures and in need of great--fitting dentures resulting in a secure denture free of voids.


Should I use a denture adhesive with Perma Soft?


When using Perma Soft, you no longer need to use adhesives, however, in rare cases or very ill-fitting dentures, adhesives my be needed.  We suggest a denture powder which works well with the Perma Soft reline kit.


How does Perma Soft Compare to other Denture Reline kits on the market today?


Perma Soft is unique because of the longevity of the liner.  Perma Soft lasts up to 2 years according to our customer testimonials.  It is soft, yet firm providing a great suction between the gums and denture.  Most OTC denture reline kits only lasts a few months, therefore, Perma Soft is the most economical choice when considering a do-it-yourself denture reline kit.





Benefits of Using Perma Soft

Denture Reline Kit

Perma Soft Denture Reline Kit

Two Relines Per Box $24.95

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