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Perma Soft Instructions



1. Dry denture thoroughly inside and out.

2. Open plastic container of powder, now open clear liquid bottle.

3. Pour liquid into plastic container of powder and mix with enclosed stirring stick.

4. Allow mixture to set approximately 1 minute and 45 seconds.  Check material with stirring stick every 10 seconds.  When material runs slowly off of stirring stick (the consistency of honey) it is ready to place into denture.

5. Immediately spread material evenly into denture and place denture into mouth snuggly.

6. Bite down firmly and hold for 3 minutes with dentures in correct biting position.

7. Take out of mouth and rinse with cold water.

8. Trim off any excess material that overlapped denture including the little cut grooves around rim (edge) of the denture using a penknife or paring knife.

9. Place denture back into mouth for another 3 minutes with dentures in correct biting position.

10.Remove denture and let set for 20 minutes.

11.Wash (rinse) denture again in cold water and trim and excess material from denture that was left behind the first time.

12.Place denture back into mouth. (DONE)


*Liquid is flammable at 120.2 degrees F (49 degrees C) and may cause skin irritation.

*Allergy:  Contains methacrylates.  Do not use if allergic or sensitive to methacrylates.

*Warning:  For Temporary Use Only Until a Dentist Can Be Seen.  Improper fitting of dentures may cause sore spots, irritation and faster gum loss.  See your dentist without delay.


Net Vol. 4 ml liquid: Net Vol. 7cc powder per one denture reline.



Powder: Plasticized Poly-ethyl methacrylate

Liquid: Ethyl-methacrylate




ProSoft Instructions:



Reline 1 Denture at a time.

Warning: flammable liquid.  Contains: Ethyl Alcohol

Allergy:  Contains methacrylates.  Do not use if you are sensitive or allergic to methacrylates.

Materials/Equipment Needed:

1. Stirring Stick

2. Paring Knife


Instructions for use:

1. Clean and dry denture thoroughly.

2. Pour liquid into plastic container of powder and mix with enclosed stirring stick.

3. Stir thoroughly for 10 seconds.

4. ⌛Allow mixture to gel until it becomes  the consistency of honey.  Check consistency with stick every 10 seconds or so.

5. Pour ProSoft into denture base.

6. Rinse mouth with water and insert denture into your mouth.  Bite down for 3 minutes.  This will take the impression of your gums.

7. Remove relined denture from mouth.

8. Check to see if all areas are covered.    

9. Place denture in a cup of cold water for 3 minutes.

10. Trim excess material with a sharp knife.  Finished!


Optional: If taste is bothersome, soak in a solution of baking soda and water for 20 to 30 minutes.


Warning: This is a temporary reline kit for in-home use.  Ill-fitting dentures may cause sore spots and tender gums.  See dentist without delay.


Net weight: 4 ml liquid, 7cc powder

Lot # Powder:  0970-10AL


Lot# Liquid:  1106-11AR


Expiration: 05/2013


To Remove:  Run hot tap water over the edges to loosen the bond between the liner and denture.  Then peel out.